Frequently Asked Questions

Gran Fondo is open to all amateur and leisure cyclists. Cyclists who have a valid UCI license are expressly not allowed to race. The ones who have a license from national federation can take place in the race.
Yes, you need to register through our website and upload your health certificate (or a copy of your license) and consent to the system.
You need to login to our website and upload a copy of your health certificate (or license) and consent to the system. As these documents are approved, you will have completed your registration and can collect your race kit from the race office in Istanbul on September 23 or at the start points in the morning of September 24.
Dropbag + Race guide + Bib numbers and safety pins + Timing chip and zip ties.
It is a plastic bag with the bib number of the participant and with a size of 55x65 cm. that is delivered to the participants during the registrations at the race office. Thre participants can put their personal belongings in this bag and deliver it to the "Drop Bag" point at the start area until 30 minutes to the start time. The dropbags can be collected at the finish area at the end of the race.
Yes, transfers will be arranged for the participants and they are free of charge. In order to use these transfers, reservations are required in advance. For the transfer options and reservations, please login from our web site and go to "My Account" section.
Public busses with large spaces will be used during the transfers and yes, you will be able to carry your bikes on these busses.
You will be disqualified from the race and you will have to get on the sweep wagon bus that follows the race from behind.
Technical briefing is at 18:00 on September 23 at Istanbul ViaPort Shopping Mall. It is not compulsory to join but we recommend you to join for your benefits. The video records of the technical meeting will be published on our web site and social media accounts for those who could not join.

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